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5 days in Sardinia, the land of centenarians with the most beautiful sea

Would you like to know what you can do in 5 days in Sardinia? Be sure that our itinerary below will make your 5 days in Sardinia unforgettable!

Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to plan your trip in just 5 days. If you find yourself in this situation, continue reading this article! The itinerary below will make your 5 days in Sardinia memorable, taking you to the island we love most: the wild and unspoiled Sardinia.

5 days in Sardinia from Marmilla to Barbagia

Our 5 days in Sardinia itinerary starts from the Marmilla, a beautiful region with gentle and soft hills in the central-southern part of the island.

The nuragic complex of Barumini Su Nuraxi: UNESCO World Heritage Site

The first stop is Barumini, where we can visit the nuragic complex, one of the most important archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. Su Nuraxi was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its importance and historical value in 1997.

5 days in Sardinia | Su Nuraxi
The prehistoric nuragic complex Su Nuraxi, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Gesturi’s Giara horses: unique in Europe

After a few kilometers, we’ll arrive at Gesturi from which a road takes us to a plateau called the Giara. If you have a map of the plateau or you want to use a local guide, you can explore this characteristic area. You will be looking for the original horses that live here, considered the only truly wild horses in Europe.

5 days in Sardinia | Giara horses
The Giara horses, the only wild horses in Europe

In Barbagia: the less known Sardinia that will surprise you

We now head towards Barbagia, a central Sardinian vast mountainous region which extends itself on the sides of the Gennargentu massif. We cover about 60 km passing through Nuragus, Genoni, Laconi (the Aymerich Park is worth a stop here). After that we’ll cross the large chestnut woods near Aritzo and Desulo, an ancient mountain village characterized by centuries-old traditions, where we will stop for the night.

A typical stone house in Sardinia
A typical stone house in Sardinia

The next day, the itinerary takes us to the sea, the beautiful and wild central-eastern coast of Sardinia.

The 120 km that we will cover are all in the mountains and therefore challenging. Anyway, driving this stretch of road is well-rewarded with beautiful views.

After passing Fonni, the town at the highest altitude on the island, we arrive in Mamoiada. Here it is very interesting to visit the masks museum. Carnival is here intensely lived and the barbaricine masks are some of the most famous and original expressions.

After Orgosolo, with its original wall paintings, you can reach Oliena, at the foot of the characteristic Corrasi mountain, where the source of Su Gologone is located. Beyond Dorgali, a steep descent leads us to Cala Gonone, a well-known tourist site with many hotels and restaurants.

Central-Eastern Coast blue sea, pearl of our 5 days in Sardinia itinerary

The Wild Blue and the most beautiful sea in the world

Our third day does not include ground transfers. In fact, it is almost obligatory to take a seat in one of the many boats to reach the amazing local places and beaches. This area is inaccessible by land vehicles if not through a challenging path, known by trekking fans as “Wild Blue”.

5 days in Sardinia | Cala Goloritzè
Cala Goloritzè with its spire in relief

The visit of Bue Marino caves, the view of Cala Goloritzè, Cala Luna and Cala Mariolu are the most exciting stages of this excursion. You will remember it for the transparency of the sea, for the wild beauty of its beaches and for that mix of sensations known as “Sardinia sickness”! Be sure it will convince you to come back soon!

From Dorgali to Arbatax

Resuming the 4th day of our itinerary, there will be other exciting moments. The road from Dorgali to Arbatax develops in a plateau of great solitude and rare beauty.

Near Genna Silana, a mountain pass over 1,000 meters above sea level, you will find the gorge of Su Gorroppu, a spectacular fissure open in the limestone rocks. We should find guides to reach the bottom, passing through a narrow and fascinating path.

Near Baunei, a few dozen km ahead, we can make a short visit to the sea where we can admire Punta Pedra Longa, and the beautiful beaches of Santa Maria Navarrese with its cool pine forests.

The beautiful Sardinian turquoise sea from a typical cave
The turquoise sea of Sardinia and its caves

The last part of today’s route takes us to Arbatax, until a few years ago a small fishing village and now a well-known tourist destination.

Towards Ulassai, in the uncontaminated Sardinia of the centenarians

On the last day of this trip, from Arbatax to the Marmilla, we will cover about 150 km in about 3.5-4 hours, through a wild and sparsely populated area.

After Tortolì and Lanusei, the views offered at Gairo are unique.

The surrounding environment is very suggestive, rich in woods and calcareous “heels”. Here, the natural monument of ‘‘Perda ‘e Liana’‘, with its 1.297 metres, dominates a vast area of Gennargentu. A detour allows us to stop at Ulassai to visit the caves of Su Marmuri, in an impressive rocky amphitheatre. We will later stop in Sadali to cool off near San Valentino waterfall, which in the feudal period fed the mills of the country.

5 days in Sardinia | Ulassai
Ulassai in all its splendour

Our itinerary is over, but be sure that the many beauties observed will remain indelible in your eyes for a long time!

5 days in Sardinia by campervan

You can discover the proposed itinerary in many different ways. Anyway, to hire a camper will certainly be the best solution to discover the places and the unspoiled nature of this wonderful area of Sardinia! It permits to visit a lot of places, in a relatively short period of time, with lots of flexibility.

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