Sardinia surf girl on a beautiful emerald wave

Sbiru Asunis, the surf photographer

If you decide to hire a campervan for exploring Sardinia, you should always organize your trip really well, so you don’t miss the unforgettable moments of your holiday!

Although current smartphones allow anyone to take and proudly share wonderful snapshots, there is someone in Sardinia who has decided to go further to make extraordinary photo shoots, which were originally intended for an elite of lucky sportsmen, accessible to anyone at affordable prices!

His name is Gianluca Asunis, but everyone calls him Sbiru. We are pleased to introduce him to you.

Before meeting him in the surf, we didn’t know him personally; however, we had stumbled across the name Sbiru several times on the photographs posted on the social pages talking about surfing in Sardinia, and it therefore is true that his face, until then completely unknown to us, was for some strange reason already familiar.

When we were lucky enough to meet him one September afternoon, it was easy to realize how those genuine, fresh and powerful photographs could only be born from the vision of that boy with a strange name and huge smile, barely hidden by the blue housing he uses to create eternal Sardinia surfers dreams.

Sbiru is one of the emerging water photographers on the island, a nice and genuine person, thanks to which every surfer can finally keep their best images of the waves in Sardinia, until a few years ago privilege of professionals only.

Intrigued and fascinated by Sbiru’s character, we decided to ask him some questions about his passion and his profession, because yep, thanks to his passion, Sbiru now is a promising professional photographer!

Sbiru Asunis, the surf photographer in Sardinia

Hi Gianluca, first of all, why Sbiru?

“Hello everyone and thanks for the beautiful words. Sbiru is a name that a friend of mine gave me back in 1999, when I started skating, dressing up with giant trousers and shirts (clown style) – since then, this nickname has remained and everybody knows me that way”.

When and how did your passion for photography and videography start?

“My passion for photography and videography was born in 2000, when we started filming and photographing with friends between skate sessions, then the call of the sea led me to buy my first GoPro. A few years after, I had gained a bit of confidence among the waves and I decided that it was time to buy a professional housing for my DSLR. For the past two years, I have been producing photos and videos for sportsmen and companies”.

To shoot in the waves, you need a proper athletic preparation combined with a great passion for the sea and photography. For this reason, many surf photographers are surfers with a passion for photography, is this the case with you as well?

“Yes, I started bodyboarding in 2000 until I bought my first surfboard 2-3 years later. I also practice Calisthenics, a free body training with bars and various bending. Every now and then, I also train myself with stand-up paddling. Being in the middle of the waves with the currents is not a piece of cake”.

What is your favourite time of the day to take pictures in the water?

“Dawn, with its delicate and pleasant lights”.

Which maneuver do you like surfers to do in front of your lens?

“Some nice barrels or some air”.

A lonely surfer in a sardinia west coast secret spot
Emerald tubes for Antonio Benoni at a secret spot on Sardinia’s west coast

What services do you offer to surfers?

“I can take pictures from the water or from the shore with a lens or from above with a drone. I leave it to the surfers to decide what kind of photo/video they would like me to produce for their day. I also offer the video of the day, edited with good music to have an indelible memory over the years.

We know that you have been very good and determined to turn your great passion for photography into a profession, what do you do when you are not in the surf?

“I deal with photographs and corporate advertising videos, and even some weddings.”

Finally, we would like to ask what your favorite Sardinian surf spot and your favorite surfer are…

“I love the green coast (Costa Verde), sparsely populated and wild, my favorite spots are still the secret of the Iglesiente. My favorite surfers are definitely Kelly Slater and John John John  Florence”.

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Up and down the water dome pic

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