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Rent a camper and explore Sardinia in freedom!

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Camper Rental Sardinia: Yep Campers

Rent a camper for your holidays in Sardinia! All-inclusive rates from 80 euros!

To rent a camper in Sardinia with Yep Campers is an easy and affordable way to freely discover the island with an original Westfalia campervan.

Hiring a camper in Sardinia will allow you to easily explore the 24,100 square kilometers of the island and its 1,897 km of breathtaking coastline! The island has only 1,600,000 inhabitants, spread over a very large area, with many attractions and endless possibilities for your favorite outdoor activities! Sun, clear sky, seductive beaches, impressive dunes, outstanding mountains, Sardinia is a pristine world-famous spot for an unforgettable travel. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of numerous campsites and parking areas, Sardinia is the perfect place to spend a camper holiday!

If you decide to enjoy our camper rental in Sardinia, during your trip we will provide you with a WhatsApp live personal guide (+39 3505005352) to give you suggestions on where to go and where to stay. 

If you are a surfer, it means we will instantly share with you our 30 years of local surfing knowledge to let you paddle out the best waves at the best time, almost almost crowd free.

Then don’t wait! Rent a camper and breathe freedom in Sardinia!

Hire a Campervan in Sardinia and live your dream

If you choose to hire a camper in Sardinia with Yep Campers you’ll live the dream with one of our fabulous Westfalia campervan from the ’80s!

Although everything has been said about each camper, rest assured that the rental of a Westfalia campervan will allow you to discover a new way of traveling in the wonderful Sardinia.

In addition, we want you to keep in mind that each camper is not a refurbished or renovated van, but an iconic and original Westfalia campervan, carefully preserved over the years by its attentive original owner, from whom it takes its name.

Our project was not an easy one; it has been made possible thanks to those who have been able to keep each Original Westfalia Camper in optimal conditions. Thank you Ms Anna Maria, Ms Nora, Mr Giacomino, Ms Emma and Mr Giuseppe!

Please understand, the vans we offer for the campervan rental in Sardinia are historical vehicles of high value. If you are lucky enough to live the dream with one of them, take this in mind and take care!

So, if you are searching for a camper rental in Sardinia, please consult us, we are waiting for you!


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