Cosa cucinare in Sardegna

Our best choice of the easiest meals to cook while camping in Sardinia

What are the easiest meals to cook while camping in Sardinia? Read our proposals below, they will be very useful!

You are out and about in Sardinia and it is that time of day/night where you are craving for something tasty to eat. But doesn’t take too long to cook and you don’t need to be a chef to prepare and cook it.

Of course, most camping food is renowned for containing rice and beans etc. But while you are traveling around Sardinia, you may come across some herbs and fruits that will give you a little bit of something different.

Below you will find some very simple ideas for meals to cook with you and your friends while traveling around picturesque Sardinia.

Eat healthy while traveling around Sardinia

The Mediterranean is well known for it’s healthy, fresh food and Sardinia epitomizes this diet. You can find many beautifully fresh, tasty herbs, fruits and vegetables to compliment any meal you have while out camping. The key to cooking and eating while camping is simplicity, so below we will be giving you some inspiration on how you can travel around Sardinia and eat like royalty.

Easy camping meals, with a touch of the Mediterranean

Pasta and homemade tomato sauce

Being an Italian Island, there is no escaping pasta. Buy some locally prepared pasta and then get some of the freshest tomatoes you have ever tasted from a local farm or grocery shop.

Get some fennel which can be found all around Sardinia, some garlic, onions and chop this all up finely and add some olive oil. It is so simple to cook both the pasta and the tomato sauce, it is perfect to have while traveling around the Island.

Fava beans/Chickpeas and rice

Now, no camping trip is the same without making beans and rice. It is one of the easiest and quickest meals to cook, but can also be claimed to be the most boring. But you are now making beans and rice in Sardinia, it takes it to a whole new level.

Boil some fava beans and chickpeas (part and parcel of the diet in Sardinia) in a pan, once a third of the way through cooking add this to some rice and cook. Add salt/pepper to your requirements and there you go, another quick and easy camping meal that compliments your trip to Sardinia.

Camping table ready for campervan meals | Easiest meals to cook while camping in Sardinia
Your camping table ready for a delicious outdoor meal

Chicken and fruits

For this one, you need to get some nice fresh chicken breasts, marinate them in olive oil and season with salt and pepper add some local in season fruits in with the chicken (Apricots/peaches can work well). Also add some fresh tomatoes if you like, wrap in foil and cook on the fire.

Also, add some rice or couscous to make the meal complete and you have another tasty meal that can be prepared in a matter of minutes, but will give you maximum flavor.

Salmon with lemon

You can’t get any simpler than this, just like the chicken breast above, but with just a few slices of lemon, salt, and Olive oil.

Marinate the Salmon in Olive oil and salt, then lay slices of lemon on top of the Salmon, wrap everything in foil and leave to cook by the fire. When done correctly, it will produce a beautifully tasting, succulent flaky fish.

Baked Potato

The beauty of a baked potato is that you can add any flavors you want to it. The versatility means that you can be creative and use whatever ingredients you have at hand and while in Sardinia you will have a lot of wonderfully fresh ingredients to add to your baked potato (Including the actual potato).

Just rub the potato in Olive oil and salt, prick the potato with a fork and wrap in foil and lay in the fire to cook.

Once cooked, we recommend some butter, charred tomatoes with maybe some salmon or tuna in the mix. So easy to prepare and cook, but also very filling and gives you energy for your adventure traveling around Sardinia.

Egg fried rice

It is more associated with the Orient than the Mediterranean, but egg fried rice is easy to cook and can turn your bland, plain rice into something a lot tastier.

Maybe carrying eggs around in your backpack is a bit risky, but if you are traveling around in a camper van, for instance, it becomes much more viable.

Mix some eggs, boil some rice and then add the egg and rice together in a pan with a little olive oil and mix until the egg has been cooked. As you are in Sardinia, you can give it an extra bit of taste by adding some fennel, spring onions or any other herb or vegetables you have available to you.

Camping Snacks

It is important to add that you may need sustenance while traveling and going from one campsite to another. So you need things you can eat quickly to keep your energy levels up and the hunger pangs away.


Almonds are readily available in Sardinia and can be great to have in your pocket while traveling. They can also be chopped up and used in many main dishes, including pasta and rice dishes and they are of course very healthy.

Flat Bread

Now although flatbread can be easy to make in general, it might not be ideal to make your own while camping. But you should easily be able to get your hands on some while traveling around Sardinia.

It is great because it can also compliment any meal, but also lasts a very long time and is easy to store. So you can keep it readily available for any moments where you need something to get you through a couple of hours before your next meal.

You can also make a quick mix of tomatoes, olive oil, onions, and seasonings and have on top of a flatbread to make a makeshift Bruschetta, which will give you a great taste of the Mediterranean.

All in all, camping is renowned for eating quick and easy food, but not so much tasty food. While in Sardinia, you can make the most of the great, fresh ingredients they have and make your food extremely tasty while also being quick and easy to prepare/cook.

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