South Sardinia coast

South Sardinia coast starting and ending in Cagliari

We will explore the south Sardinia coast on a wonderful 5-day itinerary to discover the most hidden beaches and coves!

South Sardinia coast departing from Cagliari

The itinerary will start from Cagliari, the beautiful capital city of Sardinia, to let us visit the most famous beaches and many coves that are still little frequented.

On the first day, we will head towards the east coast and the famous tourist town of Villasimius, driving along the scenic coastline of the beautiful southern coast of Sardinia.

To enjoy this itinerary at its best, we recommend not taking the SS 125 but following the old coastal road, a panoramic road with breathtaking views.

Poetto beach

To reach Villasimius, we will pass by Poetto beach, the long and famous Cagliari beach, adorned with high dunes until a few decades ago. Poetto beach can easily be reached from the centre of Cagliari.

South Sardinia coast  | Poetto beach
Poetto beach with the characteristic Sella del Diavolo in the background

The mild climate of this part of Sardinia allows the lucky people of Cagliari to live at Poetto all year round. The beach of Poetto is equipped with cycle and pedestrian paths. On every day of the year, many sportsmen and families come here to enjoy the fresh air!

The road to Villasimius and Costa Rei, a gem of the south Sardinia coast

After the long Poetto beach, it only takes about 20 km to reach the wonderful and panoramic stretch of coastal road to Villasimius and Costa Rei. We recommend stopping in one of the road’s pitches to admire the crystal-clear coves and inlets of the southern coast of Sardinia. We are sure that you will love the crystal-clear sea of Cala Regina and the small and beautiful inlet of Mare Pintau!

Cala Regina  | South Sardinia coast
Cala Regina, one of the many breath-taking inlets of the coast to Villasimius

On this stretch of seductive coast, you will also find wider beaches such as Solanas, Porto Sa Ruxi and Campus, until you reach the beaches of Villasimius.

Beaches of Villasimius

The beaches of Villasimius, like Notteri, Simius and Porto Giunco, have become more and more popular with residents and visitors alike. Among the various beaches of Villasimius, we certainly recommend a visit to the wonderful Porto Giunco, a crystalline paradise on earth with a magnificent lagoon behind it.

The beautiful beach of Porto Giunco, paradise of the southern coast
The beautiful beach of Porto Giunco, paradise of the southern coast

Villasimius is very lively in the summer, late spring and early autumn, so you can spend the first night of this itinerary here. After Capo Carbonara, the extreme offshoot of Villasimius, the coast continues northwards towards another well-known seaside destination, Costa Rei.

Beaches of Costa Rei

The beaches of Costa Rei are famous for their length, white sands and crystal-clear waters. One of the first beaches of Costa Rei is the beautiful Cala Sinzias. Cala Sinzias has a parking area for campervans free of charge most of the year.

South Sardinia Coast | Cala Sinzias
Cala Sinzias with a free camper parking area overlooking the sea

After the beautiful Cala Sinzias, provincial road 18 leads us into the wild and large coves of Monte Nai and Piscina Rei. Besides the authenticity of the beaches, which are free for the most part, you can find picturesque coves and especially clear and unspoilt sea here.

Costa Rei beaches, white sand and crystal-clear sea for miles of coastline
Costa Rei beaches, white sand and crystal-clear sea for miles of coastline

In 2009, Costa Rei won the Travel blogger award from the prestigious travel guide “Lonely Planet”, which included it among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. On the same day, we can reach lesser-known but not less fascinating coves near the Colostrai pond in the territory of Muravera, where we can spend the night.

South Sardinia coast archaeological site of Nora

Nora and the beaches of Chia will be our third day’s destination of our South Sardinia Coast itinerary. We will leave the east side of the southern coast of Sardinia to head west, towards the capital. We can do it in two ways. Through the same beautiful route driven on the journey here, maybe visiting some other beach or inlets, or following the new fast highway 125. In both cases, once past the city of Cagliari, we will take the SS 195 towards Pula.

The archaeological site of Nora

The archaeological site of Nora is located a few kilometres from the centre of Pula, on a promontory rich in history and charm. Nora, an ancient city built near pre-existing Nuragic settlements, was founded by the Phoenicians.

The archaeological site of Nora nestled in its enchanting bay
The archaeological site of Nora nestled in its enchanting bay

Subsequently Punic and Roman, Nora preserves traces of this era. Its ruins bear witness to the development of the city in the second and third centuries. From the roman city, the remains of numerous buildings such as the forum, theatre, amphitheatre, baths and dwellings are preserved. The archaeological materials testifies the continuation and prosperity of trade with the regions overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

After Nora, our 5-day trip includes a visit to the ancient settlement of Bithia, now the well-known Chia. This locality has an extensive and beautiful sandy coastline, with many intact dunes, protected from the wind by the thick Mediterranean vegetation. Once in Chia, we recommend climbing the homonymous tower, from which you can admire many kilometres of this coast. We recommend that you stop here for the night. On the next day, along the coastal road towards Capo Spartivento, you will find beaches and coves of great beauty.

Su Giudeu beach

The beach of Su Giudeu, also known as the beach of S’Abba Durci (freshwater beach), is a long stretch of sand that together with Porto Campana forms the impressive dune formation of Spartivento, one of the largest in southern Sardinia.

South Sardinia Coast
Su Giudeu beach, with its characteristic islet reachable on foot during low tide

Su Giudeu is so fascinating that it has been a shooting location of films and television commercials several times.

Tuerredda Beach

After Capo Spartivento, another wonder awaits us. The beach of Tuerredda, which enters the beautiful sea in front of Capo Malfatano is shown in many advertising images of Sardinia. We suggest you stop here or in the beautiful nearby Piscinni, Campionna or Budelli, where this beautiful stretch of coast ends on the edge of the military area of Capo Teudada.

South Sardinia Coast | Tuerredda beach
Camper view of Tuerredda beach with its characteristic islet

Towards Cagliari, the capital and main city of the south Sardinia coast

On the 5th day of this itinerary, you can return to Cagliari by travelling from Teulada to Domusdemaria. In the 15 or so curved kilometres that separate these places, you will pass rugged hills close to various Nuraghi, and then join the SS 195 that leads to Cagliari. Depending on the time available, once you arrive in the city, you can visit various points of interest in Cagliari. It is always recommended to visit Marina or Castello. From Porta Cristina, it is possible to look southwest, towards the stretch of coast that we just left.

South Sardinia coast by camper

Cagliari is known as the city of the sun and is the ideal place for a short itinerary to discover the southern coast of Sardinia! Visit Cagliari and the southern coast with Yep Campers, ask for pickup and return of the camper in the city or at Cagliari airport when booking!

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