Surfing in Sardinia

Surfing in Sardinia, be prepared to ride some of the best waves of your life

Do you love and enjoy surfing and wish to know of the best surfing spots in Sardinia?
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The best waves for surfing in the whole Mediterranean break on the coasts of Sardinia.

The frequent storms and favourable wind exposure make Sardinia the best location for Mediterranean surfing.

Surfing in Sardinia in the best season

Waves in Sardinia are great throughout the year, but the best season is from October to May.

In fact, Sardinia has an extraordinary frequency of days of waves, about 200 per year, comparable, or even higher, than the best oceanic destinations.

The quality of the waves is excellent everywhere, but the west coast is the best one. Its beautiful coastlines are constantly hidden by perfect swell and optimal wind conditions, being undoubtedly the surfing paradise of the Mediterranean.

That’s frequent to score great and perfect double over head waves here, often barrelling and appropriate only to advanced surfers.

We will mention below a small taste of some of the most famous surfing spots in Sardinia, although the main beauty of the island is that it is still a wild and poorly populated area where, with the appropriate knowledge, you can surf on your own exclusive secret spots.

Surfing in Sardinia
Perfect waves in the most beautiful island in the world

With a bit of luck, you can experience the excitement of entering the water alone with your friends in a memorable and unforgettable Sardinia secret spot.

The best spots for surfing in Sardinia

Cagliari Poetto beach

The beach of Poetto is the meeting place for Cagliari’s inhabitants. It is a charming sandy beach with many peaks, among which the most popular is the one at the fourth stop of the bus Poetto, in front of the Twist bar. Waves are easy here and suitable for all levels. The best conditions are with no winds and south/south-east swell.

Racca Point

Racca Point is the historic point break of the city of Cagliari, named in honour of those who discovered it, one of the first local surfer on early 80s. The point is located on the coast road to Villasimius, precisely in Via Nettuno. Racca’s left is one of the most beautiful spots in Sardinia. The spot score epic conditions when heavy swell from south/south-east are accompanied by light winds from north/north-east and Poetto is oversized. Waves are perfect here, starting in front of the parking and entering a small bay, giving long descents and rare perfection.

Island of Sant’Antioco and Calasetta

Sant’Antioco can be easily reached from Cagliari by taking the SS130 to Iglesias and then the SS126 to Carbonia. There are two spots in Sant’Antioco: Turri and Maresciallo.


Turri is located in the extreme south of the island and it is an excellent spot for surfing during large storms from west/south-west, even with wind.


Maresciallo is located in the northern part of the island, close to Calasetta.

Both are reef breaks with often solid barrelling waves not suitable for beginners.

Sant’Antioco waves are among the best for surfing in the Mediterranean, a true epitome of World Class perfection.

The Sinis Peninsula

The Sinis Peninsula is the surfing paradise of the Mediterranean: beach breaks, point breaks, a-frame reef breaks, within a few kilometres this small and wonderful portion of land offers surfers perfect and consistent waves for all tastes and levels.

From October to May, lucky locals often enjoy consistent perfect waves without interruption.

The most important breaks are Capo and Mini Capo, located near Mandriola: these are the most famous spots in the entire Mediterranean basin, perhaps the only ones that can offer perfect waves, sheltered even from the strong winds from the northwest, the Mistral.

Slightly further north are the pearls of Sa Mesa Longa and Su Pallosu, perfect and powerful reef breaks suited to the most experienced surfers.
The Sinis spots, especially on the week end, are crowded with surfers from all over the world.

Tips for surfing in Sardinia

In such a vast island, it is not always easy to find the right spot at the right time so to optimize your surfing in Sardinia, its advisable to get recommendations from surfers or local agencies.

Don’t waste your time exploring the island by yourself, rely on recommendations of individuals with a deep knowledge of the territory and the necessary experience in swell and wind forecast interpretation.

A good idea for an unforgettable and exciting surfing trip is to hire a campervan in Sardinia so as to relish the opportunity of staying from dawn to dusk to surf every hour with all the advantages of having small portable home in front of the peak. Furthermore, consider that there are no tide fluctuations in Sardinia, which means that you will finish the most of your days totally surfed out!

campervan surf view
Waves view from campervan window

Always remember to respect the locals, especially when you decide to go to the most famous, crowded and competitive spots: Sardinian surfers are generally hospitable and generous and will help you live and enjoy the best surfing experience in Sardinia, provided that you will respect surfing priorities and the normal rules of staying in the waters.

Explore, smiles and enjoy the world class Sardinia surfing!

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