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Best tips for campervan exploration of Sardinia with pets

Most pet parents will agree that their pet is much more than just an animal to keep, it is a member of their family, just like the kids are. And when traveling on vacation, they would not want to leave any of their family members behind.

They would take them along on the vacation, whether they are traveling by ship, by flight or by land. Regardless of whether the vacation stays at a hotel or in a campervan, the family pet needs to be taken along. It is therefore imperative that the pet’s needs be taken into consideration when planning to hire a campervan in Sardinia. If as a pet parent, your pets have not been taken with you on vacation, it may seem like an impossible task; but it is very much possible.

However, there are several factors that you need to take in place, and several tips that you need before you take your pet out of familiar ground into unfamiliar and uncharted territory, regardless of how beautiful, exotic and nice said territory is.

The first thing that you need to ask about is how to go about getting a passport for your pet. If your pet is leaving the United Kingdom or the United States, this is important for a number of reasons. Not all countries require Pet Passports, but just in case your country requires one, you need to understand that for every pet you take outside the country, you need a Pet Passport which can be issued by your local veterinarian. It may take a couple of weeks for Pet Passports to be issued so if your country requires one, plan to get it ahead of time. if you need a Pet Passport but do not get one, your pet may be placed in quarantine or even denied entry into your home country when you return from your trip, so better safe than sorry. You also need to know if your pet suffers from motion sickness.

Motion sickness is not peculiar to humans, and pets may suffer from it too. If your pet does, the humane thing is to leave it at home with friends or a pet sitter. Taking a motion sickness prone pet on a campervan vacation is not a very good idea. In fact, it is a very bad one. When you have determined that your pet does not suffer from motion sickness, it is time to acclimatize your pet with a campervan. If your pet has not travelled in a campervan, or that particular campervan before (which in this case, seems the most likely scenario), take it on a tour of the campervan. This is necessary because pets, especially dogs and cats, tend to get anxious when they travel in vehicles that are unfamiliar to them. If your dog is overly anxious, you can have a discussion with your veterinarian about the use of mild sedatives. Be sure to stick to the dosage you are given, and not to pump your pet full of drugs before the start of a very enjoyable, very new trip.

On the first night of your campervan travel, let your pet pick the spot that is most comfortable and convenient for it. When spending the night in the campervan, provide your pet with lots of treats so they are happy and excited. If possible, make your pet work for the treats by doing little tricks and give rewards at every stop. Common sense will tell you never to leave children unattended in automobiles. The same rules apply to pets. And big as it is, your campervan is just another automobile. This is especially true in hot weather. You should keep the campervan open so that there is cross ventilation and fresh air is circulating through the campervan. If there is an air conditioning system in your campervan, it is made all the much better. Schedule toilet breaks and walks with your dog. Make sure that these are factored into your planning, itinerary and stopping points. Find modifications or accessories that will give your dog comfort while traveling. There are great pet technologies and toys that you should purchase before you set off on your trip.

One of these is a leash and a dog collar. There is a LED leash and dog collar. It has LED lights embedded in it and not only keeps your pet visible in sight, even at night, especially at night, it also serves to give you illumination when walking your dog at night. A GPS Dog collar will also do a great job of keeping you abreast of your pet’s whereabouts so that you run no risk of losing sight of your pet or even losing it entirely.

In the case where you do not have a GPS collar, make sure that your pet’s name, your address and phone number are inscribed very legibly on the dog collar so that if your dog is lost and found, it will be really easy for whoever finds it to get in touch with you. Some of the things that you need to pack while going on a campervan trip with your pet are these: water bowls and food bowls so that food and water do not spill when you are traveling; a travel water bottle in case you are not able to access the water bowl every time you need to; a hose for hosing down your pet after a walk, before it steps paw in the campervan – you really do not want your pet tracking muddy paw prints everywhere in your campervan; travel towels for drying your pet up after every hose down; enough food for your pet; and medications and ointments if your pet is on any.

It may seem a stressful effort to carry your pet along with you on a campervan trip in Sardinia, but it really does save you the extra bucks you would have to spend in a boarding kernel.

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